5 Prepared Meals


  • Fall Keto Menu

    *Herbed Baked Chicken
    Tuscan Cream Sauce | Spinach | Squash 

    *Pesto Baked Chicken
    Sweet Peppers | Green Beans

    *Chicken Cobb Salad
    Tomato | Bacon | Feta Cheese | HB Egg | Balsamic Dressing

    Stuffed Sweet Potato
    Chipotle Chicken | Cheese | Greens

    *Beef Taco Casserole
    Sour Cream | Cheese

    *MOMs Meatballs
    Grandmas Red Sauce | Green Beans  

    Beef Stroganoff
    Mushrooms | Egg Noodles

    Turkey Burger Salad
    Spinach | Cheese | Tomato | Bacon | Dried Cranberries 

    Turkey Meatloaf
    Grilled Sweet Potatoes | Honey-Almonds

    *Mustard Glazed Salmon
    Roasted Pepper | Spinach Salad | Almonds | Citrus Dressing

    * keto friendly
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Our mission is to provide meal service options to meet your lifestyle. Think of it as giving yourself a gift of time. No shopping, no cooking, just enjoying the meals prepared for you!

Let’s find out what you like and why this makes sense

Once your purchase has been made you will be directed to a form where you van customize your meal prep order. If you have a food allergy or any special need, There will be a space for you to communicate that on the form.


Think of all the time you will save…The grocery shopping will be done by the Chef! This ensures that all ingredients are fresh and purchased with your menu in mind. The client is responsible for the cost of groceries.  

Meal Preparation, Delivery and Labelling

All meals are prepared and cooked by Chef Chris certified by ServSafe and follow all health codes to ensure our meals are created with the most care.  Each meal will be clearly labeled with heating instructions and ready for you to refrigerate. Each of the Meal Packages will be delivered to you per the agreed upon schedule. It is recommended that meals for 5 or more days be split in two deliveries to ensure quality and freshness.

We can accommodate Family Packages and will be designed based on family needs with age appropriate suggestions for children.

Packaging and Container Fee

We use convenient reusable food storage containers. There will be a one-time container purchase fee of $50 per individual. Our goal is to keep our services and costs down and know how much you will appreciate you the convenience.  

No contracts/subscriptions

You decide what works best for you and your lifestyle.  Our services are on week to week basis and we don’t hold you to a long term commitment.  We are confident that the convenience and quality of food will have you ordering each week.  

Life happens and we know that things come up unexpectedly. For a full refund, orders must be cancelled by at least THREE DAYS before your delivery.  Orders cancelled anytime in the three days before delivery must be paid for. It’s important that you notify us immediately in the case of an emergency and we will do our very best to accommodate you.